Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cindy Anthony 911 Phone Calls

Mother (Cindy) claims daughter stole her car on June 30th and also stole money. Found her daughter after a month but this phone call is made on July 15th, so it has only been 2 weeks.

Casey says she hasn't seen her daughter in 31 days. This brings it back to either June 14th or June 15th. June 14th, Cindy said she tucked Caylee in bed, June 15th, Cindy said she took Caylee to the nursing home to see Caylee's great-grandfather.

Mother CLEARLY says she got the car back today (which is July 15th) and it "smells like a dead body was in the car"

Casey said that she received a phone call today (July 15th) from the babysitter today (July 15th) from a phone that is no longer in service and spoke to Caylee for a minute. WHAT?????? Casey spoke to Caylee on the phone for a minute on July 15th?

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