Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony - My Thoughts

My thoughts!

I have reached a point now that I am just going to wait and see what LE finds out and presents to the DA.

This is such a complicated case especially since the things that were shared with Casey's friends and family were not truthful and all they had to go on is what they saw and what they heard.

Casey reminds me of Scott Peterson in a way when he shared with Amber all the things he did only to find out none of it was true.

Trying to find Caylee, well this will take a miracle, one of which, may never happen. Way too much time has past and how do you track a child unless you can track the mother?

The State of Florida is large with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, never mind the numerous lakes and rivers, dense forests etc.

Where would one begin without a clue? There are no clues except for the car and at this point LE has the car. Well maybe there is another clue "Caylee is close to home" ... that maybe where she might be found. But then, where is "close to home?"

I hope they release more phone calls and video visits so we can hear what is being shared. Although Lee and Casey maybe corresponding back and forth through the mail, the mail is read before it goes out and when it comes in. So even if they put something in a letter, LE will know about it and act on it.

I would love for this to turn out like it did with Elizabeth Smart, but I just don't feel deep in my heart it will.

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