Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Is Caylee?

Something is very, very wrong here regarding the disappearance of Caylee. When I first heard this story last week, I found it odd right from the start.

As it stands, Casey, the mother of Caylee is in jail for "obstruction of Justice". This all came about because Casey took the police on this wild ride to places where she claims Caylee went and even to Universal Studios, of which, she hasn't worked there in years.

On Nancy Grace the other night, Nancy interviewed the grandmother and Nancy clearly asked if Casey heard from Caylee. The grandmother said NO but now the grandmother comes out and says that she witnessed a phone call from Caylee to Casey but when she went to speak to Caylee the phone went dead. This was suppose tohave taken place on July 15th.

Now, reports are out that Casey car, of which, the grandparents own, was found abandon in a parking lot and was towed on June 30th. Although reports say that Casey said the "car ran out of gas", why didn't Casey call her mother to bring some gas? Does the car actually have gas in it?

How the heck did Casey get to her mother's house on July 15th when the grandmother witnessed the phone call between Casey and Caylee without the car and why didn't her mother ask "where is my car?"

Caylee was reported missing by the grandmother on July 15th supposingly after this "phone call".

The grandmother claims Casey left with Caylee on June 9th in order to bond with Caylee! OK, so where did Casey go and live especially since she was living with her mother? This makes no sense to me at all!

The child seat was left in the car which to me is a big clue because the child has to be transported in a car seat!

The mother says on national TV that she "forgives her daughter". Hummmmm!

The more Nancy Grace asked about Casey as well as when Greta "On The REcord" asked about Casey the more Cindy spoke about Caylee. In the case with Greta's interview, the Grandmother spoke more about herself. See video below! {Odd that the video is no longer on Greta's blog!)

Cindy says on Nancy Grace that Casey knew this person who babysits for Caylee for 3 or 4 years and wouldn't reveal her name. But on Greta's show, the grandmother said for a year or year and a half.

Secrets, secrets, secrets. There are secrets here between the mother and daughter. The grandmother knows what happended and I think she is covering for her daughter. Something happened on June 9th and more than likely people are wondering where Caylee is ...........

The first thing I thought of when I saw the grandmother's first interview was "Susan Smith" ... all this emotion and no tears!

Based on the video below, it is clear something is just not right! I feel this grandmother is liking all this attention ....

This woman, Cindy, needs to stay the heck home in Florida rather than flying all around giving interviews. The media WILL come to her house and do the interview. If this was me, I would insist on being home so I could stay by the phone or search the state of Florida for my granddaughter.

Why fly all over, and not be available to go to the jail, when given the opportunity to sit down with her daughter.

Cindy's interview was not about Caylee, but on herself, and gave very little to help anyone look for the child. Cindy should have mentioned that Casey has or had a boyfriend, not that the boyfriend is the cause of the disapperance of the child. I just can't remember what Cindy said about the boyfriend either not ever seeing the child or didn't know about the child, but something was said ... just can't remember. I know this boyfriend was interviewed by someone, probably the police.

It sounds like Casey is a liar and maybe suffering from some sort of mental disorder, whether it be from when Caylee's father was killed in a car accident, or some sort of depression making her disconnect from reality, but clearly something is wrong.

All I heard was lack of sleep, not eating, I am going to fall down right on the stage, the "limo" ride exhaustion and on and on about Cindy. Now the timeline of when Cindy last seen Casey is off!

I have a feeling this child is not alive anymore and eventually it will all surface. This all happened around June 9th, should this be the truth of the day Casey left with Caylee to bond.


Anonymous said...

I believe Caylee has been sold for whatever….money, drugs etc. and I also believe the Grandmother is aware of it. This explains the grandmother’s behavior. It also explains why the grandmother is so overly aggressive with Caylee’s picture getting out. She probably feels the sooner the child is found the quicker Casey will be home. I don’t think so!

Patty said...

I don't think Caylee has been sold especially since two different cadaver dogs hit on the car Casey was driving and one dog hit in two areas in the grandparents backyard. Nothing makes any sense with what everyone is saying and what was said at the bond hearing yesterday. We shall see what comes of it once Casey's mother gets the bond money together.