Friday, July 25, 2008

Cindy Anthony's FIRST 911 Phone Call

Operator: Hello

Cindy Anthony: Hi, I drove to the police department here on Pershing but you guys are closed. I need to bring someone into the police department. Can you tell me where I can? the closest one I can come too.

Operator: What are you trying to accomplish by bringing them to the station?

Cindy Anthony: I have a 22-year-old person that has um grand theft sitting in my auto with me.

Operator: So the 22-year-old person stole something?

Cindy Anthony: Yes

Operator: Is this a relative?

Cindy Anthony: Yes

Operator: Where did they steal it from?

Cindy Anthony: Um, my car and also money

Operator: OK. Is this your son?

Cindy Anthony: Daughter

Operator: OK, so your daughter stole money from your car?

Cindy Anthony: No. My car was stolen. We've retrived it, today we found out where it was at. We've retrieved it, I've got that. And I've got affidavits from my banking account. I want to bring her in. I want to press charges.

Operator: Where, where did all of this happen?

Cindy Anthony: Oh, it's been happening.

Operator: I know, but I need to establish the jurisdiction is what I'm trying...

Cindy Anthony: Oh well I live in Orlando

Operator: Yup, but what address did these thefts occur at?

Cindy Anthony: Um, well I guess my residence.

Operator: That's actually going to be in the jurisdiction of the sheriff's office, ma'm, not the Orlando Police Department.

Cindy Anthony: Alrighty...

Operator: Let me transfer you over to the communication section for Orange County.

Cindy Anthony: Ok, now the Orlando Sheriff's Department the one on 436? Is that open this afternoon or this evening?

Operator: Um, the substation you're at off Pershing,if it's Orlando Police...we're open primarily in the day, but that's not the sheriff's, thats the city police which does not have jurisdiction for your address.

Cindy Anthony: I know the sheriff's department on 5th, I mean on 436.

Operator: What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna transfer you to the sheriff's communications section and you can...determine that.

Cindy Anthony: OK.

{Dial tone}
{Phone dialing}
{Phone ringing}

Cindy Anthony: My next thing will be child's thing and we'll have a court order to get her if thats what you wanna play. We'll do it and you'll never...

{Casey inaudibly talking}

Cindy Anthony: Well then you I'm not giving you another day. I've given you a month.

Orange County Operator: Orange County Sheriff's Office

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