Thursday, July 24, 2008

Caylee Mysteriously Seen On Flight To Atlanta

I find it amazing that the person that called in this "tip" to Cindy Anthony described what the child said when she said her name BUT there is nothing with regards to who the person was that Caylee was with! Was it male, female, height, color or hair. Nothing at all was revealed except Caylee said her full name.

There is a flight out of Orlando to Atlanta, and you can also take a flight out of Orlando to Jacksonville and pick up a flight to Atlanta with the original ticket showing Orlando to Atlanta.

Casey took a trip to Jacksonville and did she take this trip by car or air and when did she take this trip?

Unless you are on a non stop flight from Orlando to Atlanta, most flights out of Orlando make a plane change in Miami, or North Carolina.

I'd like to know if Casey and Jesse went to the beach on Friday, June 27th, the same day that the car was left in the parking lot? If they went to the beach on Friday, was Caylee with them?

The police hopefully have verified with this "tipster" the time and date of the phone call to Cindy, both destination of the caller as well as to Cindy. Also verify whether or not there was a problem with the "tipster" line for call-ins regarding Caylee.

It's hard to believe one family can have so many problems. Car running out of gas, borrowing a shovel, pizza rotting in the back of a car, (Who puts a bag of pizza in the trunk of a car and leaves it there?)can't remember when they visited the grandfather in the nursing home, can't remember where the husband is working, never say a paycheck from Casey, decomposition hits in the backyard as well as in the trunk.

The list is endless .... including the Attorney not able to recall the airline and date of the mystery caller about Caylee being on a flight to Atlanta.

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