Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Casey Anthony NOW Person Of Interest

Today, Tuesday, July 22, 2008 was the bond hearing for Casey Anthony. She was being charged with Obstructon for Justice as she would not release who has her almost 3 year old daughter Caylee.

Casey took the Orlando Police Department to many sites in Florida including Universal Studios and Hard Rock Cafe claiming she was employed at these establishments. When the poice had enough of her lies, they arrested her on Obstruction of Justice.

Bond was set today in the amount of $500,000.00 and she must weat a GPS tracking system at all times.

There is a strange timeline regarding Caylee as reported by the grandmother.

June 9, 2008, Casey took Caylee from her mother's house to bond with the child.

June 15, 2008, Cindy, grandmother took Caylee to see her great-grandfather at the nursing home and the grandmother also recorded a video.

June 15 - June 27, 2008 - Casey borrows a shovel from the neighbor.

June 24, 2008 - Casey's finace called Casey to tell her he resigned from the Orlando Police Department and claims he heard Casey tell Caylee to get off the table, and heard Caylee's voice.

June 27, 2008 - Casey's car, owned by her parents was spotted in the parking lot of a check cashing place.

June 30, 2008 - Casey car, owned by her parents was towed by the towing company.

July 15, 2008 - Casey was at her mother's house, letter comes from the towing company about the car. Cindy asks Casey about Caylee and can't get a straight answer so Cindy calls the police.

July 16 - 18, 2008 - Casey takes police on a wild goose chase showing them where she worked, but actually doesn't work there and where Casey left Caylee with a babysitters. Casey arrested on Child Neglect and Obstruction of Justice.

July 23, 2008 - Court issues a $500,000.00 bond with a GPS tracking device.

Somewhere between June 15th and June 27th something happened to Caylee. Even though Jesse Grund, the fiance to Casey said he overhead Caylee voice while speaking to Casey, it doesn't mean it was actually Caylee's voice.

I have so many questions of the grandmother, especially from June 15 to July 15th. We know the grandmother took Caylee to the nursing home, but where did she return Caylee? Did Caylee go back to the grandmother's house where she had been living or did the grandmother drop off Caylee somewhere else?

During the bond hearing the prosecuter asked Cindy (grandmother) whether she knew if her daughter worked. The grandmother said "yes, she has a job as an Event Planner at Universal Studios since the beginning of January 2008. The odd thing is the grandmother never saw her daughter with money, and even had to give her daughter money. Although not strange to the average person in the world but to Cindy ... this was normal.

My question to Cindy would be: "Was your daughter out of the house for 8 hours a day while she was working at Universal Studios and who babysat Caylee?"

By the sounds of the financial situation within the Anthony household, the parents were paying for everything for Casey and Caylee and Casey contributed nothing. The parents were even in default for over $12,000.00 to Bank of America. And according to Cindy, her husband had only obtained a job on July 15th, the day Cindy called the police.

Cindy was not able to tell the court where her husband was working.

The car, the car, the car. Something strange about the car. From around June 27th until July 15th, neither Cindy or her husband Geroge asked Casey about the car. Like "hey Casey, where is OUR car?" The child's car seat was in the car when the car was towed.

Did Casey's parents see Casey between June 15th and July 15th? We know Casey was with her mother on July 15th as the mother called 911, but did Cindy see Casey on June 15th when she returned from the nursing home?

The father of Casey, George called his son on July 15th, not to tell him about the car, or Caylee being missing, but to say something is not right with his mother.

Lee Anthony brother to Casey comes to the house and then finds out about the car, and Caylee and that his mother called the police. A conversation between Lee and his sister Casey, she reveals to her brother she hasn't seen Caylee for 31 days.

Now whether this is true or not remains in question. I believe Lee when he says this is what his sister Casey told him, but I am not sure whether I believe Casey. HOWEVER if you go back 31 days, give or take a day, this brings the day back to June 15, 2008, Father's Day when the grandmother took Caylee to the nursing home to see her great-grandfather.

The parents were unaware that Casey has a passport. Now the prosecuter mentions whether or not Cindy knew if her daughter left the country and Cindy was not aware nor did she know that her daughter has a passport.

How the hell could Cindy not know if her daughter left the country or not because the daughter has been living with the mother for over 3 years. Casey is only 22!

It has been reported that Caylee's biological father died a year ago in a car accident. This remains to be verified because at the bond hearing, Cindy reveals she believed Jesse Grund was the biological father of Caylee. Cindy claims she saw the "obituary" in the newspaper. WTF, you see a lot of obituaries in the newspaper. The odd part is the child, Caylee does not have her father's last name. Well not odd to the world today, but odd in some ways.

Back to the car. Not sure when Cindy and George picked up the car from the towing company, but the car was back at the house. Once the police found out that the car was abandon in a parking lot for three days, they questioned Casey. She claims the car ran out of gas. I sure would like to know if there is any gas in the car when the parents picked up the car. This car is the key!

Once the police seized the car from the Anthony household, it was when they opened up the trunk of the car and the trunk reaked of decomposition. The police brought is two cadaver dogs at different times and both dogs alerted to the decomposition.

When the police questioned the Anthony family, it was then that the family said: "we found a pizza in the trunk full of maggots so we tossed it away"! If I recall correctly it was Cindy, the grandmother that spoke about the pizza.

As it stands, the police found hair in the trunk which was long in length like Caylee's, they found a stain, that needs to be tested as well as some dirt in the trunk!

Casey at one point while in jail calls her brother Lee, franctically wanting Tony's phone number. Tony is an ex-boyfriend of Casey's. Hoever in an interview with the owner of "Fusian Ultra Lounge", Casey recently dated Tony.

Since June, Casey Anthony could be seen at the Fusian Ultra Lounge in the Waterford Lakes area almost every Friday night, Fusian owner Bruce Lam said. She recently dated Anthony Lazzaro, a promoter for the club, he said.

Cindy was RUDE, RUDE, Rude on the stand during the bond hearing. I have never seen a witness on stand like this in my lifetime. Smacking the gum in her mouth, talking about only drinking water and no food, no sleep and so much about her then what the court needed to know. Although it was actually good for everyone to see her testimony on the stand.

It's clear the prosecutor has also been watching Cindy on the cable news and regular news shows, especially with On The Record and Fox in the morning when Cindy didn't want to talk about Casey, just find Caylee.

Well Cindy, the only way anyone is going to find Caylee is to talk to Casey! DUH!!!

The detective reported that Cindy was annoyed when he asked her the name of her father and what nursing home he was in so the detective can go there and review the guest book. Cindy stated in an interview somewhere, that she had to sign in at the nursing home when she visits her father.

Cindy told the detective basically she wasn't going to cooperate with them as she would get the info herself. The detective called Lee, son of Cindy and expressed the need to get this information so they can verify when Cindy and Caylee were at the nursing home.

Did Cindy take the car she let Casey drive to this nursing home or did Cindy use another family car? Did Casey also go to the nursing home with her mother and daughter on Father's Day?"

Something makes me think they took this white Pontiac to the nursing home because it has a child seat in it. The white Pontiac belongs to Casey parent sbut they let her drive it!

Casey wants "immunity" and she will tell the police where Caylee is. This does not sound good at all and I hope that the prosecuter doesn't honor her request.

So, is the Cindy covering up for her daughter?

Is Casey covering up for Cindy?

Does George the father of Casey know anything at all? Although he is a retired law enforcement person, didn't he even wonder where his granddaughter was OR notice the car he owns hasn't been around for two weeks?

Is Jesse Grund part of the whole scenerio? Remember he was a cop at the Orlando Police Department and resigned from the force on June 24th, three days before the car was left in the parking lot and towed on June 30th.

And then there is Anthony Lazzaro, the infamous "Tony", a recent boyfriend of Casey. Casey wanted his phone number ASAP! Is Tony involved too!

The search goes on for Caylee and I pray they find this precious child and that the people involved get the "DEATH PENALTY"!!!!


Anonymous said...

I too share your frustrations with this. I will be so glad when this little girl is found and her mother is put away for life, whether it be jail or hell. I honestly believe that she did something terrible to this Angel/ Caylee and is putting it off and buying time, sort of like Susan Smith. for some reason I think that she might have accidentally left her in the car and she suffocated or something to that nature and is too afraid of spending the rest of her life in prison or the death penalty. Her mother Cindy is in denial, that is why she is so adamant about Casey knowing where Caylee is. I hope it will be a different outcome for Caylee's sake but after this and if something positive is found, I beleive that neither of them should ever have any kind of parental rights to this child. gonna stop this comment for now, just the rambles of a mad woman

Patty said...

Hopefully this week some of the questions regarding Caylee will be cleared up. All I know is Granny needs to stop being Casey Public Relations Spokeperson as she is speaking out of her ... well, "where the sun don't sun"!

Right now it's up to the attorney and Casey to speak with authorites. Right now I don't care who they speak with as long as Casey starts talking.

I have heard the word "immunity" more often then I care to hear it, but it makes sense that this may be the delay of Casey speaking.

She may know more and based on her statement it could cause havoc for someone.

If the attorney is speaking "immunity" I hope the prosecutor or District Attorney's office has a dead ear regarding "immunity".

I also pray the "Appeals Court" does not change the original bond of $500,000.00. Hopefully there is enough evidence to keep the bond as is.

Praying hard for Caylee, but deep in my heart, I know she is safe in the Dear Lord harms.

Thanks for coming to my blog!

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job getting most of the facts correct. I know how confusing this case is. My take.
She knows right from wrong and is manipulating everyone now, not just the mother. Remember that the mother misrepresents the truth and is very prone to exaggeration. These behaviors (like all behavior are learned) If she doesn't know who the father is, why would she mention Mr.Jesse Gund as a possibility? Why would she say that the father of Caylee is dead? She is a very disordered individual with no internal logic. This does not bother her-she's been rewarded so often that she thinks it's okay to speak in riddles.It does not bother her to talk to her brother like he is someone from outer space. She is a very strange and dangerous person. The cops know all about her type of personality and there has to be something terribly wrong when they post a 500K Bond. Gram Anthony should lawyer up before Casey blames her for everything.

Patty said...

Thank you. I have written so much since I did this particular post on July 23rd. So much more has come out or should I say haven't come out.

I posted a video where Cindy says Jose Baez is her attorney. So she has one now for a "just in case" she is charged with giving false information. :)

Actually it was reported today that George is sticking with the pizza theory.

Let's see what happens this week (August 4 on).