Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Appeals Bond Hearing For Casey Anthony

Today (Wednesday, July 30th) is the day for the appeals hearing regarding reducing the current $500,000.00 bond down to a more workable amount of money so the family can bond Casey out of jail.

Casey has been in jail ~15 days as of this writing and within those 15 days, not much has leaped forward regarding the whereabouts of her daughter Caylee. Personally I hope that the bail remains the same until Casey fully cooperates with LE and if the FBI is involved, she also cooperates with them too!

There is a new co-counsel working with Attorney Baez and last night (Tuesday) he was on OTR as well as other cable news shows. This attorney shared that this babysitter/nanny Zaneida Hernandez-Gonzalez is "in part" but not the main person regarding the disappearance of Caylee.

It was very strange that this new attorney (need to find his name) when asked by Dan Abrams the nanny's name, the attorney didn't want to say it just in case the person was watching the show.

Well that made no sense as Zanaeida Hernadez-Gonzalez's name has been aired so many times now that we all know it by heart.

During the discussion between Megan and this new attorney OTR, when Megan talked about Casey lying about the date of Caylee disappearance, the attorney comes out with "a lie is a mysterious falsehood". Interesting statement for sure.

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