Sunday, August 1, 2010

Terri Horman Writes About "Kitty" On Her FaceBook Page

I recall reading at an online news website and across the chatter on the Internet regarding "Kitty" and people chatting about Terri writing about  the "Kitty" while Kyron is missing.

Well, upon reading the comments on Terri's Facebook page, it appears that "Kitty" is a nickname for her daughter "Kiara".

Here are a couple of postings about Kitty:

Terri Moulton Horman: Kitty has been hugged by lots of people both in person and via internet. She keeps going in Kyron's room, sitting on his bed and reading his books. :)

Terri Moulton Horman: Kitty has figured out that she can push her personal potty over to James' bed and climb up to look out the window. Only trouble is that it's paned glass from the 1930's....

Terri Moulton Horman: Kitty is already in the groove for the gym. She sported her new Notre Dame backpack given to her by Pam and carried it around like I do. When she walked in, she told the 2 people behind the desk "MUAH!" and blew them a kiss. Little Miss Social Butterfly.

Terri Moulton Horman: Trying to sneak a shower in since Kitty already had one. Told her "No." when she tried to come in with me. She responded with "Okay, bye bye." which she never just leaves. She took my shower mat out the door, put diapers in the toilet and bathroom sink on her way out. Wonder where she gets the passive/agressive from? ;)

So much for the speculation that "Kitty" is a cat!


Anonymous said...

The "I wonder where she gets her passive aggressive behavior from" is the most interesting part.

I wonder what other mental illnesses this woman has.

Patty said...

I found the comment interesting also and feel she is writing about Kaine and not herself.

Thanks for your comment.

Washington said...


I am glad to have found your blog and I too think the same thing. I have been following this story since it first broke here on the west coast and I must say your thoughts are refreshing; thank you for being objective in your blogging on this case (it is very refreshing).

I have a lot to say about this subject and the scuttlebutt here on the west coast does not fair well for Mr. Kaine Horman. The consensus is that Terri most likely was involved in Kyron's disappearance but know one is believing a word that is coming out of Kaine Horman or Desiree Young's camps. There has already been to many conflicting stories full of dis-information.

I see that you have a deep investigative mind as you have posted the symbol for Scorpio on your profile. Gifted Scorpio's are quite intuitive about reading human behavior.

Kaine turned on Terri way to fast making her the scapegoat for anything that may or may not come out down the road. Let's not forget what this man does for a living (manipulates the flow of information via networks); he works for Intel. I can give numerous example from interviews that he has already given to the media.

Let us not forget that this is a man that his former wife filed for divorce from while she was eight months pregnant. His accounts and her accounts of what happened to cause the divorce are very different; I am more inclined to believe Desiree's version.

There is this saying... Like attracts like... I think Terri and Kaine Horman are two peas in a pod; they both are control freaks.

I think these two fought like cats and dogs over money and that their marriage was already in the toilet.

The only reason Terri would have to be involved in Kyron's disappearance would be to hurt Kaine; she has nothing else to gain. I think Kaine had something to do with James leaving the home which was done to hurt Terri. There is another saying what goes around comes around and I think this is what the Kyron Horman case is about.

Children are known to get caught up in the cross-fire of adults... Kyron is no exception (just check out the statistics).

I think Kaine was just looking for a way to dump Terri without getting stuck with having to pay out the ying yang for a lengthy drawn out divorce; let alone having to divide up marital assets and pay child support.

Both Desiree and Kaine act like they are waiting for the bomb to drop, you know Terri's side of the story.

I think that Kaine and Desiree knew that Terri was unstable and were negligent in protecting their son.

The only reason that I think that Terri is most likely responsible for the disappearance of Kyron is because she was the last one to see Kyron alive, she places herself at the school that morning (taking the picture), and she did not pass her poly's (2). This is a rural area Kyron knew his abductor.

Anyway these are my thoughts... I am sure someone out there will have something to say about them... around here we just say, "It's a duck folks!!"