Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did Terri's Friends Provide Terri With A New Cell Phone?

According to an article written by the Oregonian, the reporter states: "Investigators have been focusing on Terri Moulton Horman's close circle of friends after learning that one of them obtained new cell phones for her so she could avoid investigators' scrutiny after becoming the focus of the inquiry into the disappearance of her 7-year-old stepson."

IMO, this is the reporters take on what she thinks the reason is regarding a new cellphone more so then what the investigators are thinking.

However, the general public will run with Terri trying to hide something because Terri is under investigation.

Could it be as simple as Kaine cut off the "family plan" cellphone service after finding out about the "sexy" text messages? If that is the case, Terri needed another cellphone in order to be able to communicate with the outside world?

How the heck is Terri suppose to be able to get a cellphone in her name when she has no job or income?

Maybe the Oregonian should check into whether Kaine cut off Terri's cellphone service or perhaps IF the Horman's had a landline, and Kaine cut off that service. Maybe the Oregonian should check into whether Kaine closed out all joint bank accounts leaving Terri without money. Do we know that part of the story? NOPE, we only know what reporters are thinking that LE is thinking is the reason for Terri's friends obtaining a cellphone for Terri.



Coonhound said...

I appreciate your objectivity so much, patty.

Anybody can jump on the "let's assume" bandwagon and write all kinds of trash.

I don't get why all the "stuff" on terri is being stated through the bio parents and NOT LE. That's what makes me suspicious.

I have this burden that while all this focus is on TMH, the real "bad guy" is just kickin back on EZ street.
But anyway...it's your honesty and objectivity that has frequently brought me to visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I had recently posted a comment on a news site about how I feel that Kaine has equally questionable behaviors, starting with jumping on interviews and controlling the media but outing Terri before LE does. I'm not saying he's guilty and she's not, but I am saying the media has really scrutinized Terri before LE can release info. Anyway, about 5 people responded to my comment and tried to imply that I was part of Terri's circle of friends and someone went so far to say I must be Terri! I couldn't believe it. I was so upset b/c I have nothing to do with the case nor do I even live near the West Coast. Just a case follower. Some people don't want to hear another side, they want to join the lynching squad. People need to use their brains and think independently and I actually think LE is trying to do that.

Patty said...

Coonhound, thanks for coming to my blog and for appreciating my thoughts.

It's very possible that LE gave the bio parents free reign to speak about anything that they chose to in order for Terri to squirm in her shorts. LE loves to play games and if you view the recent videos I posted:
"Don't Talk To THe Cops", it gives a better view of what the cops do and why anyone associated to a case should not speak to them.

Anonymous, thank you also for coming to my blog and for sharing your thoughts.

The general public is stuck because they believe what is written in the media via "sources" and for what Kaine and Desiree words about their thoughts of Terri and the lack of words from LE. And then we have Issues and Nancy Grace, of which, put their own spin on what they think and lead the general public to believe every word they are saying is FACT.

I just keep an open mind in a case, listen to everything, look for the facts, separate other people's thoughts of the individual and wait and see what happens.

It's always best to stick with what LE has to say and not say to the general public.

So far in this case all we know is Kyron is missing, Terri was with Kyron at the school to view Science Projects with Kyron, took a few pictures, watched Kyron walk down the hallway, Terri left the school, and the school DID NOT call the parents once Kyron was marked abset ~ 10:00 AM.

IMO, Cellphones, sexy text messages, showing the RO to Cook, MFH all means nothing as it has nothing to do with Kyron missing.

Feel free to continue to post your thoughts as I don't single out anyone with regards to their thoughts. :)