Monday, August 23, 2010

Cesar Laurean Guilty Of First Degree Murder

The jury returned a guilty verdict of first degree murder, not guilty of robbery with a dangerous weapon, and guilty of financial card theft.

My thoughts:
I am thrilled over the outcome of the trial today.  I recall how draining it was when Maria went missing, how she was murdered along with her child, and then Cesar taking off.

Issues nor Nancy Grace seemed to show little to no interest in the case, however today I just found out that the baby Maria was carrying was not even Cesar's.  I found an article back from May 15, 2009 indicating the DNA results showed Cesar was not the father of the unborn child.

All that matters is justice has been served for Maria and Baby Gabriel.  Although Cesar's attorney feels Cesar is "not guilty" of the crime and plans to appeal, however, they can appeal all they want, Cesar is GUILTY!!!!

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