Sunday, August 1, 2010

Terri Horman "Allegedly" Posted Comments on

My thoughts: Can you imagine, you are reading an article at an online media website and you decide to post your opinion. The website can track you down right down to the color of your nail polish. Posters beware of what you say when commenting on websites.


Anonymous said...

One would think Miss Squirrel would have realized that anything she is doing online is being monitored.

This just goes to prove she has no self control whatsoever.

One would think if you were the subject of an intense investigation concerning a missing child you'd be on your toes.

Apparently she thinks she's too clever.

Handcuffs and bars await. I bet she'll miss her laptop.

Patty said...

Terri posting on a website trying to speak out is not the problem, the problem is the website seeking their posters out and then "outing" them.

Washington said...

I agree with you Patty.