Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Jersey Housewives Reunion - August 30, 2010

There were two of these urns but one was broken by Jacqueline's mother the day that they were all leaving for Italy.

The picture of the pool table is the same one that was in one of the scenes of NJ housewives. Teresa was on one end of the table leaning down to her "boobies" we on the table while her hubby was ready to shoot pool.

Poker table were the husbands of the housewives were teaching Jacqueline's daughter's boyfriend how to play poker. 

Catalog of all the items up for auction with the MANSION. Note there is one "Go-Cart", of which, was given to the older daughter on her birthday. Remember that lavious party Teresa gave for her daughter with the limo and all?


My thoughts:

After watching Part 2 of the reunion, and how everyone acted, I would only be lowering myself if I broke down my thoughts of each and every NJ Housewife.

I will say this though, it appears Caroline only has control of the "housewives" more so then within her own household.  :)

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