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James Thompson Sees Casey and Caylee Anthony

James Thompson, the "alleged" last person to see Caylee and Casey on June 16, 2008 blogs about his sightings.

James Thompson // October 10, 2009 at 12:39 pm

I don’t have a tv because I don’t like to watch all the bad news. Low and behold the one story I click on the internet to read about in November 2008 is about some girl who looks familiar to me for some reason and when i read the story to find out why it is hearbreaking. I didn’t wait a year to tell my story. I called the numbers we were supposed to call several times, left my information several times and no one called me back. I finally had to go to the local police department to make a statement just to get the pressure off my chest.

There is a lot of good and bad in this blog. There are a lot of good and bad people in this blog … just like life. I would like everyone who reads your blog to know we should all be putting Caley first in our thoughts and prayers because no one else did when she was alive. Maybe we can help prevent this from happening again … or at least reduce the number of times it happens in the future. Regarding this specific post, and the obsession with details about Walmart, everyone who reads your blog should know I told you that there was someone who was killed in a walmart somewhere … i wasn’t sure why, when, how or where … and it was shortly thereafter they changed the doors at WalMarts throughout the country … all of which was after Caley dissappeared. They pulled out the manual doors and put in blowers where the foyer doors used to be and fully automatic doors on the outside as a matter of course and standard proceedure like WalMart always does. Fundamental research on the internet indicates Jdimytai Damour, 34, a temporary worker, was crushed as he and other employees tried to unlock the doors of the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall … and maybe another or two elsewhere … not Casselberry! Also, there is one woman in particular who has made a living suing Walmart over 6 times where she was trampled or stampeded by other Walmart customers … I think in the New York area … but it doesn’t matter. The Casselberry building inspector may have info on the updates. Also, you must also realize the Casselberry walmart also upgraded its grocery store, main entrance, and other areas shortly after Casey’s visit, and you can’t rely on asking the senior citizens who work there for their opinion because they simply don’t know. Remember, I was an Officer in the Military and completed over 185 JAG investigations myself so I have an excellent memory and attention to detail better than most. My vision is 20/20 or better and I am smart so I know what I saw no doubt. However, irregardless of the door details, which truly do not matter, nothing will ever change the fact I saw Casey Anthony walking about 10 feet in front of Caley Anthony with a zombie and distant look on her face as her daughter desperately trailed behind her looking hot, distraught, abandoned, sweaty and flustered. The entire time I saw Casey and Caley at WalMart Casey never once looked back to check on her daughter. Yes, I stopped in my tracks turned around and watched because that is how unusual it was and why I remember it so vividly. I might add that Casey was dressed nicer than she was the day she was in my computer store the week before, and what gets me upset when I remember this event, or have nightmares about it on a regular basis, is although Casey had done herself up to look her best, poor Caley really looked like crap and that is unexcusable. When Casey came into my store she was wearing a white halter type top and tan shorts. I remember this because my first thought when this girl came in working her cleavage was she was up to something and was trying to use her looks and cleavage to sell me something or scam me. I am older than Casey and she didn’t realize us old dogs have seen this trick before, can recognize it quickly and are immune to it. So show your cleavage all you want but I ain’t buying what you’re selling. When I saw Casey at Walmart I remember a nicer looking white/cream blouse with a type of frill on it (that still showed cleavage … though not as much as when she was in my store) and a type of black or dark gray pants, hot pants, or hot shorts. I want to say I vaguely remember some type of pin stripe but I can only say that it is possible her pants had a stripe on them, but cant be sure. As soon as I saw Caylee struggling behind her I focused on Caylee and not on Casey’s rear end as she was walking out. I rember that whatever pant type she was wearing they were tight and showed off her figure as much as she could but do not remember the pants she was wearing in Walmart as vividly as I do the shorts she wore in my store because I focused my attention on Caley. Caley in my store was wearing some type of jean skirt/shorts and a purplish shirt, and at Walmart Caley was wearing some type of jean skirt/shorts and either a pink shirt or a white shirt with pink flowers on it. I also seem to remember there were some stripes somewhere but honestly cant remember at this time from what … mayber her socks? She did seem to have on some type of white sneakers which seemed normal. I do briefly remember thinking she didn’t match very well and most moms take a lot more pride and care in dressing their daughters in cute outfits. Caley’s hair was pulled up in the back with some type of band and her hair was sweaty just as she was all sweaty … but her mom wasn’t. Although I had originally wanted to asked Casey if she had purchased a monitor for her laptop yet, when I saw how she treated her daughter it made me sick and I decided not to bother with her. I really despise bad mothers and don’t want anything to do with them … even moreso after meeting Casey. To this day, and each and every day since I wish I had stopped her and asked Casey about that monitor … just so I could have looked into why she was letting her daughter walk so far behind and why her daughter was so hot, flustered, determined, and frustrated … and possibly saved that little girl from being possibly drugged and put in the trunk of Casey’s car … perhaps right in the Walmart parking lot right after I saw her. Any caring parent such as myself notices these things and it was obvious Casey did not. Regarding cell phone pings and towers and all of that, as a technician I know that cell phones usually work off of 3 towers at anyone time and one of the 3 may be the primary one at the time for any reason, one of them being distance, another one being traffic load and problems. Casey wasn’t on her cell phone when she came out of Walmart otherwise I would not have thought about bugging her about the monitor because that would have been rude. But I have no way of knowing what cell phone towers are in the area and can’t testify to that … just the fact I witnessed Casey and Caley in Walmart on the day after Father’s Day. Either way, I saw what I saw and I am 110% certain I saw Casey coming out of the Casselberry Walmart the day after Father’s Day. Unfortunately nothing will ever change that. I wish Caley was still alive and none of this ever happened, but I can’t change the past. Father’s Day means alot to me and to me father’s day is not about fathers, but instead is a day to love and appreciate our children. That is why I noticed Caley so much this particular day, why I noticed more about Caley and the way her mother mistreated her more than I normally would. If Casey hadn’t already been in my store and acted crazy jealous and pissy towards Caley I wouldn’t have recognized her at WalMart. Also, if it hadn’t been the day after Fathers Day, I probably would have noticed Caley who looks so much like me and my own daughter it made me notice and remember her. Caley looks so much like me should could be my own kid. I wish she had been so she would be safe today. One of the reasons I took the time to be nice to Caley in my store and try to put a smile on her face is because she looks like my own daughter and I love children. But let’s leave it at that as I want to keep my family out of this issue and away from all of the mean people on the internet and in this case who do not have the best of intentions. Regarding the time line, what I saw is what I saw regardless of the time. I stated approximately 4pm as my best guess for the time of the day because I had a Rotary meeting until 2pm so I knew it was after that. It takes me 15 minutest to get back to my store from Rotary, then say an hour to take care of issues, 30 minutes to handle a client on the way, then 15 minutes to get to WalMart … at least 2 hours to get from my Rotary meeting to Walmart. I donate all of my spare time and money to community and charity work and have no time for myself. When I work at my store during the night shift I take lunch whenever things get a little slow and I like to go before the late afternoon / early evening traffic as a matter of habit. Plus, I only shop at the Casselberry Walmart so it couldn’t have been anywhere else. The sun was going down and it was no longer the hottest part of the day, but it was not down yet and it was still light so around or after 4pm seems like a reasonable estimate on my behalf. Regarding publicity, my phone rings off the hook with crank calls, harrassers, mean people, questions, reporters and tv shows and I do my best to politely turn them all down. I have already turned down the Today and other shows and money as well. Justice for Caley is what matters, not publicity or money. God decided he wanted me to be where I was when I was for a reason, and if it wasn’t to save Caley, then it must be to help her get justice and be her Champion if no one else will be. You try sleeping at night when you have a reoccurring nightmare of seeing Casey and Caley walking out of Walmart every night and you desparately try to figure out ways to go back in time and save that little girl. I certainly don’t see her grandparents or any other family members or friends doing what they should to set things right. It seems Casey’s parents and others are lying and conspiring and doing everything they can to protect Casey instead of doing what is right. I hope and pray God will work on the hearts of Casey and her parents and have them come clean. I am willing to endure all of these hardships and questions of my integrity for Caylee and testify on behalf of Caylee because she is worth it and deserves honest and decent people standing up for her … and not all the scumbags out there trying to get some fame off of her because all those people are just sick! I just want anyone else who may have also seen Casey and Caley around this timeframe to come forward too. The purpose of this blog should be to help build a stronger case. Period. She had to eat, get gas, wait in line, whatever. Someone had to be around her in Walmart when she was shopping. Someone had to be behind her in line when she purchased something. When Casey came out, I noticed she purchased something small in the bag she had in her hands … a small box or bottle, but of course couldn’t tell what it was … but she held it close to her chest in her hands like you do when you don’t want anyone to see what you purchased …. and I was hoping the detectives could go to walmart and have them look up the security camera footage and register purchases that day for benadryl or other medications which make you sleepy, duct tape, condoms, or some other type of contraceptive. My opinion based on my first hand sighting just before Caley disappeared is Casey was eager to make her relationship with her new boyfriend work and she didn’t want Caley getting in the way of her having sex with him so she could use all of the tools at her disposal to make it work. Remember, I saw her first hand and this girl was hot to trot and on the prowl. I was keen enough to observe this for my own protection and stay away. Shortly after I saw her and Caley leaving Walmart Casey probably did whatever was easiest and laziest and drugged up Caley and left her in the car or the trunk while she was consumating her relationship with her boyfriend. Maybe she had done this alot before. Maybe when she was done having sex with her boyfriend and went to check on Caley that she discovered too late that Caley was dead due to an overdoes of whatever drug she gave her … so she panicked and put her in the trunk and over the course of time concocted her crazy story. However, this is the job of the prosecuters and we have no way of knowing how she truly killed Caley. I would assume the security cameras in her boyfriends apartment complex or housing subdivision have already been checked? What about the security cameras around his neighborhood? What does the boyfriend say???

IMO, James Thompson may have spotted someone that looked like Casey and Caylee, but it was not Casey and Caylee.

The door siuation doesn't make sense.

He called the numbers several times, left his information several times and no one called him back.

The state released ALL the tips and calls to Crime Stoppers, so if there was a call or calls, there will be a record of it.

There was a document dump that had all the tips, it might be worth checking that document dump.

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