Monday, October 12, 2009

James Thompson FIRM On Manuel Doors At Wal-Mart

James Thompson // October 10, 2009 at 9:40 pm

There were multiple interior doors, maybe a couple automatic opening in and out for special needs people (not sliding like the new ones on the outside doors) and at least a couple of the old manual kind. I remember them many times over the years because I am a gentleman and I have opened them countless times for other people … that is when they were not manually or physically propped open all the time. On the day after Father’s Day I went in a door near the right side because of our standard protocol of driving/walking on the right. I do not remember the glass to the McDonalds being there like it is now and I think they replaced the standard wall that cuts a standard 90 degree corner with a 45 degree corner with glass to help advertise McDonalds. Makes sense they would do that to make more money!!! Casey came out the door immediately to my left. She was that close which helps me remember. Other than my thoughts that she cleaned up well since the last time I saw her at my store, I was going to ask her if she had purchased a monitor yet. I specifically remember quickly thinking that it may not be worth my time and effort to match WalMarts prices if they are too low, but I would try if she still needed one, but fortunately they didn’t have that competitive of a price on lcd monitors once i checked them out and my price at the time was good. Anyway, I probably would have seen more details about her and her purchase if the aluminum horizontal metal bars weren’t in the way ( I think there were 2) as she pushed on the door with both hands … with her purchase in a little white bag at the same time opening the door. I bet her boyfriend knows what was in the bag. Maybe some type of sex lubricant. Next, I noticed Caley a couple doors over to my left through the opening in the door Casey was coming through and as I walked in through my own door continued to notice her struggling to go through her own door … a different door than her mother went through! I remember stopping briefly and watching in disgust after I entered my own door and thought at the time the mom was nothing but trouble and I should avoid contact with her because of the way she was treating her kid like she didn’t exist. Not sure why this memory is so vivid, but when i close my eyes each and every day i see Caley pushing the door with her right arm straight out, left leg back, right leg up, like a semi-heisman pose … something was in her left hand like a hat or sun glasses or something kidish … maybe that is where i remember the white cloth with thin green and pink stripes on it because something definitely didn’t match in her outfit (not a doll or beanie baby) giving a real determined look on her face as she forces it open and continues on trying to keep up with her mother … who hasn’t even looked back once or slowed down for her kid … . Regrettably, I can’t go back now and save the child or comfort the child or do anything different. I can only report what I saw to the best of my ability. Mistaken or not mistaken. Holes or no holes. Doors or no doors. Pings or no pings. I can only report things as I remember them. Just the facts Jack. And no matter how much the material details may fade, I will never forget what is really important such as the determined look on Caley’s face and how determined she was to keep up with her mom despite being left behind. Casey was walking like a zombie whose mind was in another world. No contact with me or anyone I could tell when I saw her. She was just deep, deep in thought. Caley on the other hand stood out as stubborn and a fighter. Hopefully others will come forward remembering what they saw and help Caylee get justice. Casey thinks everyone in Casselberry, Fern Park, Maitland, Winter Park are stupid and don’t remember her and don’t recognize her but she is wrong and we will testify the truth about what we saw. No doubt in my mind on my end. I don’t mind any doubters as the truth will prevail and Caley will get her justice. In my store about 9 June … in the morning before I went to Rotary … when Casey tried to use her cleavage to bounce a check on my ass … and again the day after Fathers Day around 4pm. I am not aware of other information everyone else seems to know and don’t want to know it as I want to keep my memories clear … and just as they were and are … and also keep my thoughts clear of all the bad news in the world … which is why I still don’t watch tv or especially the news!

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