Sunday, November 9, 2008

TES And The Searchers

I want to thank Tim Miller of Equusearch and all the volunteers that went out today and will be going out for the next couple of days to look for Caylee Marie Anthony.

It took my breathe away seeing all the people willing to give up their time away from their own families to travel to parts unknown to look for such a precious little girl.

People all across this country were sitting on "pins and needles" hoping today was the day they would find Caylee. There are always reports and rumors flying around about spotting this or that, but Caylee wasn't found today.

I also want to thank every one that donated to TES to make it easier for them to cover the enormous cost of this search team in Orlando, Florida. People were donating the cost of their flights and hotel stays because they couldn't get to Florida but needed to be able to do something.

I watched my neighbors this afternoon take a walk with their daughter down my street as the little girl was riding a little pink bike with streamers hanging off the handlebars as her little feet were peddling as hard as she could. Along side of her was her 8 month old Rotty staying as close as she could to the little girl, taking on the protective mode of a Rotty. The little girls parents were close behind with smiles on their faces as they watched their daughter and the Rotty head up the street.

My heart seemed so heavy as I watched such a beautiful moment, because I was thinking of Caylee and what was happening today and the rest of the weekend. My brain just couldn't wrap itself around Caylee somewhere out there and then seeing this sweet little girl peddling up the street. Caylee will never experience the enjoyment that my neighbor's little girl was feeling today.

I pray that all the negative energy out there turns into positive energy at least for one day, so that all positive thoughts and energy leads TES and the searchers to where Caylee is located.

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