Monday, November 10, 2008

George Anthony Rips Sign Off Of Murt's Truck

Video of George taking the sign off of Murt's truck. It is at the very end of the video.

I have been very quite with regards to the Anthony's, but their actions today, showing up at Jay Blanchard Park while a private search is going on for their granddaughter and causing a scene is appalling.

Apparently the Anthony's are annoyed because Leonard Padilla wants to have a memorial service for Caylee tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11, 2008, in honor of this precious child. This seemed to have pissed the Anthony's office big time.

Murt, who is at Jay Blanchard Park since early this morning is covering the entire search live and broadcasting it to nearly 3500 Internet viewers at the time of this writing. You could see the Anthony's surrounded by people and the public yelling their thoughts about the Anthony's once the Anthony's announced the reason they were there.

The Anthony's, if I heard correctly, said something to Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter out of California who bailed the Anthony's daughter out in August, that they could get Leonard arrested.

WTF is wrong with the Anthony's. They should be thankful that anyone is willing to dig deep in their pockets to try and locate Caylee.

Now I am livid, I am totally livid. George and Cindy walk past Murt's truck and pull the sign off Murt's truck that little Dakota made for the Anthony's many, many months ago. This is the 12 year old child that was contacted also by Casey when Casey was home on bond. Little Dakota has been going through some hard times regarding whether Caylee is alive or dead and has paid a heavy price with her peers in school. What I understand Dakota has been having "meltdowns" according to her grandmother who has custody of her and Dakota has been hospitalized on a few occasions.

Cindy was on "Good Morning America" this morning and still talking crap. No signs of a dead Caylee, tips called in Saturday night Caylee was seen in Florida alive.

It was sickening to watch Cindy sitting live on GMA as she spews out about the lack of evidence Caylee is dead and just a few short days ago hearing George's interview with LE on July 24, 2008 of his fears when he smells "death" 3 feet from the car and prays it is not Caylee. WTF!!! WTF!! WTF!!!

George has been getting a lot more support from Internet sleuther based members do to the fact George had to testify at the Grand Jury and then after the recent release of the July 24, 2008 interview with LE. However, what he did today will just turn it all around again on George.

I support Leonard Padilla and his team for doing what they have done today to at least try and find Caylee. The day is not over yet, and I hope they find something, but I don't feel she is there based on the outline given by Padilla of where Casey parked, walked from the tree, across the grass, then across the street and the bike path to the river and did this in the daylight hours between 8 am to 12 pm.

Murt showed a great view of the park from all angles and if Casey was carrying a large trash bag, or suitcase, or container, it would certainly have been seen by someone. The area is so flat and you can see a great distance.

I am sure Nancy Grace will cover the conversation Dakota's grandmother had on "air" while talking to ~3500 Internet views concerning her feeling for Padilla concerning the bracelet Casey gave Dakota.

Dakota's grandmother, Lois will be on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday 11/11/08, so tune in everyone.

UPDATE: The Anthony's were trying to stop the search and called their attorney. But based on the fact the divers were in the water it never happened.
Cindy Anthony called Dakota's mom and apparently it was not a good conversation.
Whoever the person was reporting at 2:48 PM or so indicated that George had a very evil look in his eyes when he ripped the sign off of Murt's truck.

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