Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony Prayer Service At Jay Blanchard Park

Reverend Grund is suppose to officiate the memorial today for Caylee Marie Anthony.

Reverend Grund is the father of Jesse Grund, who was once engaged to Casey and thought to be the father of Caylee. Jesse has taken a paternity test and it was proven he was not Caylee's father.

Caylee was in the life of the Grund Family for some time, and the Grund family is also suffering over the disappearance of Caylee. The Grund family has been scruntinzed quite badly by the Anthony family and I commend the Grund Family for thier strength and courage despite what the Anthony family spews to the public.

Murt is back up and live at Jay Blanchard Park despite the "hackers" that got into his ustream account and caused havoc. Murt can be viewed live here:


I just viewed part of the prayer service for Caylee and it was so touching.


Once you are finished listenting to Reverend Grund, listen to this song, a song Rev. Grund chose a few months back when he posted a blog with his feelings of Caylee.

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