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Caylee Anthony Investigations Forum - Shutting Down

I received this email from Rob, who partners with Leonard Padilla in the "Casey Anthony Investigation Forum". This forum was started up a few short months ago with a membership of $9.95, of which, a portion of this membership would be donated to TES.

If it wasn't for Leonard appearing on the Nancy Grace show and asking for donations for TES to get them back to Orlando, there probably wouldn't have been as many searchers as there was the weekend of November 7, 2008.

Although I want to elaborate on my thoughts about what happened regarding the statement TES made, it's best that I don't go in that direction.

Posted: Nov 12, 2008 20:39:08

It comes with great sadness that I will be closing the forum and refunding all money received. This comes from being exposed to groups like Kidfinders and Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch. I am shocked and amazed by the actions of these groups.

I am not one to bad mouth someone or give speculation as to one’s motives; however, I will not stand by and have Leonard or myself attacked by people that have no business throwing rocks when they themselves live in glass houses. I will tell it like it is because I was there and I am an eyewitness to the events.

For the last few months Leonard has been on Nancy Grace promoting TES and asking people to donate to his cause as well as offer whatever assistance to the search effort of TES. The publicity of this case through the efforts of Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla by keeping it in the headlines has generated the participation and funds for TES that Tim himself told us making this the largest search in the history of TES.

Leonard Padilla has covered all expenses of our group out of his own pocket for both trips from California to Florida including the funding for the original bail bond of $500,000.

I am repulsed by the actions of Tim Miller and the fact that he is biting the hand that feeds him; I am not sure how he thought he had received so many donations and response to his search. He is upset because people stopped Leonard or I to take some photos, I am not sure as to what he wanted; us to shun people away or act stuck up, maybe it gave the volunteers something to do as they stood around waiting to start searching while Tim set up his command center and trying to get organized during the morning after the search was already to begin, not sure what he was doing for the four days he was here before the search was to start but I said I wouldn’t get into that.

It has been reported on The Daily BS (I couldn’t have named that site any better…lol) “membership at his forum site, profiting $298,500 as of Monday” now I am not sure what kind of calculator these guys are using but, anyone can go to the forum not even being a member, click on the Statistics tab and see that there are 169 members. Now multiply 169 x $9.95 – the $ 0.59 (that Paypal charges) = $1,581.84 as well as an additional $270.00 in donations.

I have the money for Tim Millers group however where is he, Tim stated on National TV that he was coming into town to conduct the largest search in the nation to find Caylee and that he would not leave town until he found her. Now I am not going to go into the fact that he was here for three days of searching and leaves town when he receives $30,000 to go up and search in North Carolina for another family. Is Tim chasing after lost individuals or is he chasing the money but I will stop here as I said I would not sink to his level. I also realize that helping other families is important but he should not have a problem with us continuing to search.

I will not run from these lies and false statements however, maybe people are right; it is not our job to raise money for this organizations and I will not contribute another ounce of energy to bring money to Tim Miller. I am refunding every dollar to the people that have donated for this effort. I will not be associated with handing Tim one cent that I helped raise for his efforts, if anyone wants to donate to TES please donate direct to them, for I will not be involved. I apologize for not furthering the forum but will concentrate on doing what is our job: reading through the lies and solving the mystery. We are thinkers and our job is to get to the bottom of the lies involved in this crime and the focus should have always been for…. BRINGING CAYLEE HOME.

The same goes for Kidfinders. I know for a fact that this organization as attempted to stop both searches of the water at J. Blanchard Park. Why is this? Why would anyone not want the search for Caylee to continue until she is found? Are we onto something? The only thing that comes to mind is that if Caylee is found, Kidfinders does not receive any more donations. So, who is really exploiting the family?

Thanks for all the kind words on the forum and all the smart thinkers out there. We will be left to continue the search.

The Criminal Report Daily writer David Lohr reported:

“November 10, 2008
There have been some crazy developments in the case of Casey Anthony and her missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

As you are aware, Tim Miller, director and founder of Texas EquuSearch, announced yesterday that the search for Caylee was being suspended. Tim said that he felt he had done all he could to find Caylee right now and that he needed to move on to help the family of another missing person.

While all of this was going on yesterday, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla approached Tim and told him that he needed to send divers into the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park. Padilla was convinced that Caylee would be found in the water there, based upon the discovery of a cross necklace that EquuSearch team member Lisa Hoffman had found on a nearby tree during the first search effort. That necklace, according to Padilla, had beads on it that were "identical" to beads that the female bounty hunter (the one who stayed in the house when Casey was out on bond) had seen on jewelry that Casey had allegedly made.

Leonard's theory was that Casey Anthony had transported a deceased Caylee to the park, hung the cross on a tree branch and then threw her in the water.

"I had my people use side-scan sonar to examine that water yesterday and then I went back myself and checked it again," Tim Miller said today in an interview with Investigation Discovery. "I told Leonard that it only takes an hour to scan it and that we had put four or five hours into it just so there would be no question as to whether she was there. I can tell you where every tire is at, I can show you where there is a bucket, where there is an old wheelbarrow and fender from a car. I can show you how deep the water is in every place and what the water temperature is. There is not a body in there."

Despite the fact that Tim had cleared the river, Leonard contacted an amateur news site and made the announcement during a live Internet feed. What followed was a media frenzy, which has left Tim Miller with a sour taste in his mouth.

"We are associated in no way with the actions of Leonard Padilla," Tim told Investigation Discovery. "

Tim also expressed that he was upset with CNN's Nancy Grace, whom he also finds at fault.

"Nancy Grace wanted me to come do her show tonight and I said absolutely not," Tim said. "I told her producer that this is the "Leonard Padilla Show" and that I did not want anything to do with it. I said this is not Leonard's fault, this is Nancy Grace's fault. She puts the clown on TV every night to entertain the public and as a result that has distracted everyone from everything we have been trying to do out here. It is the Leonard Padilla show now and Nancy Grace gave him the power to do it. Leonard has a fan club out there and it has totally turned this into a circus."

Leonard did end up getting a team of divers in the water today. While that search was going on, George and Cindy Anthony arrived on the scene and argued with Padilla about a vigil he is going to have for Caylee tomorrow morning. Cindy told Padilla that he was not doing anything good for Caylee and then threatened to sue him.

Cindy also made a stop at the command post today, during which time she had a pleasant meeting with Tim Miller.

Meanwhile, nothing at all was found during Padilla's search effort.

In regards to Padilla's future search efforts, Tim Miller had this to say:

"I do not care what he does; I just don’t want anything to do with any of it. This is not about Caylee to them. The Anthony's are being exploited by all of them and it affects our effort. Everyone wants to go over there with Leonard and his drama show BS. It is affecting the concentration of what we are trying to do. "

November 11, 2008
Strait Talk with Texas EquuSearch's Tim Miller

Tim MillerEarlier today, I had a chance to sit down with Tim Miller, the founder and director of Texas EquuSearch. The purpose of that meeting was to focus on some of the questions that have been asked about EquuSearch and their involvement in the search for Casey Anthony's missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

When I asked him why he suspended the search effort, Tim had this to say:

"I feel as though we accomplished a lot. Nearly all of the areas that law enforcement wanted covered have been searched. We generated far more resources than before. We now have 100 local members on the scene. They are capable of doing a good job and they are going to continue looking for Caylee. I challenge anyone to sit in my office and when the family of a missing person calls, tell them that they can't be helped until Caylee is found. Someone else can, cause I'm not going to do that. "

There have been some recent inquiries about the amount of donations EquuSearch has received during the Caylee search, versus how much money has been invested in the search effort. When asked about this, Tim responded:

"The donations came to about $70.000. One of them was a $20,000 general fund donation. We are working on a final accounting, but between the rental cars, tents, hotels, equipment, generators and other resources, we have invested about $100.000 into the Caylee search. We have spent more money on this case than all other case

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