Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kaine Horman Drops Contempt Charges Against Terri Horman

Now this is really interesting that Kaine dropped the charges and there is no explanation of why Kaine dropped the charges. Remember these charges came about when Kaine found out that Terri showed Michael Cook the contents of the sealed Restraining Order.

IMO, there was a huge gray area with regards to this RO and when it was sealed, if Terri knew about it being sealed, and when the media got info regarding the RO.

Kaine told KGW that dropping the motion also serves other purposes.

"It's an act of good faith on our part," Kaine told KGW. "It shows that we're serious about not wasting the court's time with side issues. We want to get the divorce wrapped up so we can deal the important things and move forward."

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