Friday, September 17, 2010


My thoughts:

What the hell was Beth thinking traveling to Peru to go undercover to shoot a documentary with Peter de Vries? Then to invite Stephanie Flores' brother to her hotel room only for the brother to be met with lights and camera pointing at him as he entered the room.

I didn't think highly of Beth when she allowed Natalie to go to Aruba basically unchaperoned with the end result of Natalie still missing. Yes I know there were chaperones on the trip, however, clearly no one was watching out for one another.

When the sting operation was set up, and background info comes out on how this all went down, it wasn't in my eyes "poor Beth" as they all were aware of what they were trying to do and that was to get Joran anyway possible.

However, Joran outwitted all the professionals leaving them without their money, and with THEIR money was able to travel to Peru with the end result of Stephanie's death.

Now we have this undercover documentary investigation, with Beth part of the team to try and meet with Joran as well as the Flores' family member and Beth doesn't even clue in her famous attorney "John Q. Kelly".

I sure would like to know if Natalie's father was even aware of what Beth was doing and if he approved of her adventure to Peru. Clearly Nantalie's father wasn't aware of the sting operation, so it makes sense that Natalie's father wasn't aware of Beth's plan to go to Peru.

Who is the brains of this undercover investigation? Clearly Mr. de Vries would do anything for a story and included Beth in his quest, or perhaps their quest to get into Castro Castro.

Didn't anyone even think that they both could have been arrested and put in the Peruvian jail and sit there for a long time never to leave Peru until their case was heard?

Let's talk money here. Who paid for this trip to Peru? What is Beth getting out of this documentary?

The general public complained when Joran's mother spoke to de Vries and people were down on Anita because there had to be money made. So is Beth making money off this documentary? Is the organization that Beth started, of which, takes donations pay for Beth's trip to Peru?

Beth is now in Aruba (9/18/10) and that costs $$$'s also. Is Beth planning on "blind-siding" Joran's mother with lights, camera, action tactics like Beth and company did to Stephany Flores' brother?

Is Beth still partners with John Ramsey and perhaps Ramsey is footing the bill for Beth's travels here there and everywhere?

Eventually this documentary will be aired and perhaps a clearer picture will come forward.


cindradd said...

Sierra, I don't know if you heard it, but Steph Watts had Tim Miller on his last Sunday show and it was quite interesting. I think this is the link but my computer is so messed up that I can hardly use it. I can't use my youtube and I don't know if this is marked by my youtube name or not which is sicophoneys or my real name which is Cindy.

Patty said...

I will go and check out Steph Watts radio show and listen to what Tim Miller had to say on the show. Thank you for letting me know. :)