Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dr. Lillian Glass' Analysis Of The Video Of Caylee.

This is the video under analysis by Dr. Glass.

Dr. Glass states: The first editorial comment I will make with regard to this video is that it made me terribly sad. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes and left me with a sick feeling in my stomach and a heaviness in my heart as I saw how this poor child was neglected both verbally and emotionally.

My thoughts:
I didn't get a sick feeling when I viewed this video now or when I first saw it at least a year and a half ago. When I watched this video back then, I just saw a Caylee sitting in a high chair with tidbits of food, probably a snack and just blabbering away and SOMEONE recording it.

I see no emotional or verbal neglect by the videographer. Apparently, IMO, Caylee must of be either singing or talking and the videographer just decided to record the happenings. IF you talk to the child at the time you want to capture a moment, you will lose the moment.

Dr. Glass states: it is essential for anyone interacting with a child to visualize with them. That is how a child develops their speech an language skills.

My thoughts:
You don't have to interact every single moment with a child to learn. For all we know, just prior to the recording, there could have been some time where they BOTH were signing. We have no clue what happened moments before the camera started rolling.

Dr. Glass states: What shocked me even more was that the only time Casey interacted with Caylee. she uttered a word as if to question what Caylee said. She questioned whether her child was saying the words ” “I kill? ” I could not believe my ears!

Caylee had emotional needs in this video that were clearly not being met . These needs were ignored. To me that is cruel and abusive.

My thoughts:
There is absoultely no indication that the words uttered by the videographer says: "I kill". I remember when someone posted on blogs this is what they think they heard. This traveled like a weed throughout forums, bringing anyone who hears the tape to say "Yup I heard it loud and clear".

I could write that I heard "IKEA" and with my power of suggestion with the word "IKEA", everyone will then hear the same thing.

Dr. Glass feels it is "cruel and abusive" because the videographer did not speak to Caylee. WTH! I recall back in the day when I would watch my son while he sat in his high-chair and I didn't say a word to him, but just observed the moments of what he was doing. Although 40 + years ago I didn't have a camcorder but I would take a camera shot of those moments.

Dr. Glass states: If you look at the first photo above, you will see that Caylee begins to have a frustrated concerned look on her face as she is sitting in her high chair with individual pieces of cereal spead ou , along with her her baby bottle. She is verbalizing and singing. She verbalizes and sings what sound like “Ah keyeh”

My thoughts:
Caylee is NOT frustrated in the video at all, she is just puzzled at what is staring back at her.

I could talk to my dog every moment, however if I point a camera at him, he stops and looks at me.

Dr. Glass states: Since the /s/ sounds aren’t yet formed in a child of that age, it may be her attempt to say “ A kiss” Maybe she is asking Casey who is filming this video for a kiss to indicate that she is loved. In the photo above you see the beginnings of her frustration and tenseness by her little furrowed brow as she is ignored by Casey.

My thoughts:
WTH! How could anyone possibly know what Caylee might be saying at this age. Also, we have no clue who is filming Caylee.

Dr. Glass: Now Caylee is very upset as she leaks out the facial expression indicating that she is about to cry. She even curls in her lower lip. Look at her sad eyes . She tries to communicate that she wants a response as she raises her hand and points her finger.

My thoughts:
At no point in this video was Caylee going to cry. You can see that Caylee at one moment went into deep thought as she looked out the window.

Dr. Glass states: Casey films Cayee’s legs from 1:30 to 2:32 where there is continued silence.

She films Caylee under the table and now shoots a close up of Caylee’r crotch area. The implications are highly disturbing. Why would anyone video their child’s crotch area?

It certainly makes one wonder of there were any sexual issues or concerns involved here? I am not accusing Casey of sexually molesting Caylee. I am just staying that this behavior is odd and raises some concerns. It is not typical behavior.

My thoughts:

At one point the videographer started to bend down, IMO, as to hide from Caylee and holding the camera as still as possible. So they filmed Caylee's cute little legs, and happened to capture Caylee strapped into the high chair. Should we believe that the videographer was "FOCUSING" in on Caylee's crotch? Absolutely not! However, Dr. Glass' "power of suggestion" would want us to believe that this was the purpose of seeing Caylee's strapped into her high chair.

You can clearly see that the videographer tried to capture an opening right under Caylee's left arm pit, however when Caylee leaned over the high chair, she wasn't upset and happened to be all smiles. We never did get to see if Caylee leaned the other way but the camera didn't catch it.

Dr. Glass states: Caylee also thinks that it is odd that she is being filmed under her high chair. So she peers under her high chair to see what is so interesting that it has to be filmed.

My thoughts:
WTH? How could Caylee possibly even think that it is odd that she is being filmed from under the high chair? Now it's possible Caylee might understand "peek-a-boo" however clearly no concept of what a camera can do or what is odd at this age. WTH!!!!

Dr. Glass states: For the first time, we see Caylee smile a genuine smile as she thinks that this may be some sort of a game.

My thoughts:
Of course Caylee thinks it's a game. Whoever is recording her is playing a "silent" peek-a-boo.

I will address the last part only because the other stuff is "pure" speculation and misleading.

Dr. Glass states: One can only wonder how long Caylee remained uncomfortably in that high chair. The bottom line is that to not speak to your child when they verbalize and gesture for you to interact with them is inhumane.

My thoughts:
At no point was it evident that Caylee was uncomfortable in the high chair. When children want out of a high chair, they try and stand up, they put up a big fuss, they start to cry etc. There was no indication that Caylee was uncomfortable.

I guess I am guilty of being "inhumane" when I didn't interact with my child as he sat in a high chair eating some cheerios. My goodness, less then 2 minutes of silence between a child and a videographer is "INHUMANE".



cindradd said...

Sierra, Your comments on the video with Caylee eating were right on in my view. I don't even think it was Casey filming it. I don't think Casey would be that quiet. In fact, I thought this was a unique idea and would never have thought of it myself. It is pure Caylee. It does make me sad though...such a beautiful baby gone.

Patty said...

What gets to me is all these experts who evaluate a picture or a video and then write about it in a manner, of which, is totally off the mark and people believe what the experts are writing. Then the experts words are spewed all over the place and it becomes frustrating. A silent video of a child sitting in a high chair is what it is.

I took many pictures of my son in his high chair as he explored new foods. Back in the day they didn't have the little camcorders to film a child and still photos covered the moment. Back in the day we would take photos of infants in the buff and were still able to get the film processed. However if a parent does that now, even if the child is in underwear, it becomes an issue of "child poronography.

By all accounts of what I have seen of Caylee in photos and video, she was a happy child who basically had everything a child could ever want. Unfortunatly whatever happened to her was done by the hands of her mother. :(