Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tim Miller, Equusearch OTR with Greta, 1/10/09


VAN SUSTEREN: Very well. So Tim, has the defense or the prosecution reached out to you said, I want this from you, or, I want something?

MILLER: No, absolutely not. I heard yesterday that there was a motion to get our records, and then I heard today that the judge was in favor of Baez. And we were never notified by the court, never notified by anybody. And you know, we’re going to live up to what the judge says, but you know, I’ve got some — I got a few problems there.

Number one, I’ve talked to my counsel late this afternoon. He’s in one state, I’m in another. And they’ve got to realize we’ve got a very small office, two volunteers in there. We’ve got over 20,000 pieces of paper. That’s going to be extremely time-consuming and costly.

And my other concern, of course, is all the volunteers that came out there and gave everything from their heart, whether anybody’s thinking about — because, Greta, what we do is we give that information to the police when they ask for it because it has all their personal information on it. I just don’t know if anybody thought about whether these 4,000-plus people, all their personal information needs to be given to somebody that we don’t know what’s going to happen to.

So I’ve got some questions. I’m working with counsel on that. And again, we’ll obey any order the judge gives us, but again, I’m disappointed I wasn’t notified, but you know, we’ll see where this is going to head from here.

VAN SUSTEREN: In terms of the search that Equusearch did, do you know if Equusearch searched the area where, ultimately, the remains of Caylee were found?

MILLER: We most definitely did search that area, Greta. And the first time we were there — of course, you know, we got there the very beginning of September, and that was right after Tropical Storm Fay came in, and the water was so high and — and I got a lot of criticism when I suspended the search because I said, You know what? I’m afraid that little body’s under the water. If it is, she’s just totally skeletonized. And I don’t want a horse to step on her or a ground searcher to step on her or a four-wheeler drive over her and take a chance on pushing that little body down in the mud and jeopardize any chance of her ever being located, so I suspended the search.

November, we went back and we searched that area again. And at the area — because I physically went to the area the day that Caylee’s body was found. And that area again in November, when we searched it, that exact area where Caylee was at was under water still.
And again, I made the decision we are not going to do any searches in water because this is a tiny little skeleton and we’re not going to jeopardize it. And the land owner adjacent to where Caylee’s body was found stated his own self that approximately a week-and-a-half before Caylee’s body was found is when the water level went down to the point that you may have been able to see something back there.

So I think we made the right choices. We was there, and you know, we — we don’t have a thing in the world to be ashamed of. I know that.

VAN SUSTEREN: And Tim, thank you for joining us.

MILLER: Thank you Greta

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