Friday, January 16, 2009

Casey Anthony Jail Visitation With Parents On August 14, 2008

Keep in mind Casey already knew Leonard Padilla was going to bail her out!

What an bitch Casey is on this video. She is making herself look like a victim and is blaming her parents for not getting her out of jail. Casey says: "you missed the opportunity".

Casey made the choice to see her father and when you watch the video, you can see how frustrated Casey is with her mother but her father is like "mush" in Casey's hands. Cindy is a strong woman and pushes really hard. Cindy is deflated in this video.

Casey was miserable on the day of Caylee's 3rd birthday. RIGHT! Casey keeps playing that victim role!!!! You can hear Casey being annoyed thinking there was a lot of people at her parents home on Caylee's birthday and it was only the family.

In this video there is a lot of jealousy between Casey, her mother and family, feeling she is being left out of the loop. Well, of course she is because she is in friggin jail for what she did to Caylee.

Sad to hear how grateful George is for getting the chance to see Casey.

Casey says : "I know she is OK, I know she is coming home." Casey says the media needs to help us, WTF!!!! The media didn't lose Caylee, Casey DID!!

Casey says: "I am as much of a victim as the rest of you!" Oh my goodness ....

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