Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zahra Baker's Mother Surfaces On The Internet By Blogging

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 November 2, 1010
I guess Nancy doesn't do much surfing on the Internet.

RACHELLE: It`s always something. I mean your show is always kids. Pitiful children. My questions, though, are, one, has the biological mother even made an appearance? And second, is it possible that the dad could be covering for the stepmother, that she actually committed the crime and he helped to cover it up?

GRACE: You know, Rachelle, it`s my understanding, we have heard zero from the biological mother. She has certainly not shown up, to my understanding, and as far as, is he covering for her, my observation is either he`s covering for her or they did it together, in some way.


Laura Leigh Benfield Brittain said...

Can you point me to the article where Zahra's Bio mom wrote... “I have payed child support to her every single week since she left my custody”

gator blogger said...

Do you not want to post the site? It was very interesting.

Glad I discovered your site.

Patty said...

To anonymous,

Regarding your question to me, of which, I WILL NOT publish; my response to you is YES, I believe I do.

Patty said...

To gator blogger,

At this time, no I don't and yes it was interesting. Thank you for stopping by to comment.