Friday, December 19, 2008

187 Days Missing and Caylee Is Officially Found

Today I took the counter down of the days Caylee has been missing. It read 187 days, as of todays official announcement that the remains of a child in the woods is that of precious "Caylee Marie Anthony."

I will write more later ... still need to let this all sink in!


Coonhound said...

I'm just now checkin out your 2008 entries.

I always thought this pic of Caylee with her great-grandfather was one of the most darling pics. Caylee looks soooo much like him. So, so precious.

Patty said...

Your going to find that none of the videos are working due to violation. I just found out a few hours ago that my YouTube Channel was suspended because I upload a news video back in December when Teresa Still went missing. I lost everything; 5,000 videos, interviews, my dog videos and a precious video of my deceased elderly neighbow with my dog. Not a good time for me at the moment. :(