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What Do We Really Know About Kyron Horman's Disappearance?

***** ROUGH DRAFT*****

Not a heck of a lot.

What we do know is that on the morning of June 4, 2010, Kyron woke up to get ready for school and probably very excited about going to school that day and gleaming with pride over his "Red Eye Tree Frog" Science Project.

Perhaps Terri laid out Kyron's clothes for the day, and may have helped brush his teeth and comb his hair. Then Terri probably woke up Kiara to get her dress and fed both children before the trip to school.

We know Kaine gave hugs to Kyron and then Kaine left to go to work. No clue why Kaine didn't take a few minutes out of his morning to share in Kyron's excitement over his Science Project, but it is what it is.

Most mother's know the chaos in the morning getting children up, dressed, fed, make lunches, putting them in the car, etc.

We do know that Terri, Kyron and Kiara arrived at school and a couple of pictures were taken of Kyron in front of his Science Project. We all feel the excitement in our own hearts with Kyron's infectious smile.

Now, by some accounts, the general public feels the photo of Kyron was photo-shopped as a ruse to show Kyron was there, but I don't feel it went that way at all. Now I am not sure about the left arm not showing and the photo with the glasses and then without the glasses.

I think I read that LE removed the glasses so there was a picture of Kyron with and without glasses, but this is not concrete.

We know that Kyron and Terri viewed some of the Science Projects and then ~8:45 AM, Terri waved to Kyron as he walked down the hallway to his classroom. This now has been established that Terri is the last "KNOWN" person to see Kyron.

However, there is a classmate of Kyron's who stated he had seen Kyron after Terri left the school. Perhaps LE and others are just dismissing what Kyron's classmate indicated because he is just another 7 year old. However, 7 year olds tell it like it is with no reason to elaborate on something as simple as seeing Kyron after his step-mother left the school.


Now that is about all we know about the day Kyron went missing.

The parents and step-parents of Kryon didn't speak out publicly until June 11, 2010.

We saw a very distraught Desiree Young and Terri Horman.

We listened to Tony Young, step-father to Kyron read his statement and then Kaine Horman read his statement, both totally under-control. In the background we saw Desiree, in her jeans and "Missing Kyron" tee shirt, visibly upset, her hair tied back wearing her glasses.

We see Terri Horman, in jeans and a "Missing Kyron" tee shirt and very upset, trying to comfort Desiree, although it came across odd in front of the general public. I watched along with everyone else, and to me Terri standing alone while Kaine was at the podium was very difficult for her. She appeared to be this gigantic person standing totally alone in the world.

Once Kaine came back, Terri just hung on for dear life and understandably so as Kaine was her rock at that moment.

Once the press conference ending then the "nit picking" began from all the media and arm-chair psychiatrists, former FBI pro filers, retired lawyers, TV show hosts. Let's pick on Terri's demeanor, size and shape.

Let's see, Terri has been classified as a sociopath, narcissistic, fat, has self-image issues, self-centered, the list is endless and they all managed to diagnose Terri just standing and saying nothing.

Next you see, let's plaster Terri Horman from 2005 in her body-building days and let's lump in she was taking steroids, and other stuff just to reach her weight loss and muscle gain back in 2005. Now that was interesting stuff, especially seeing video and photos of Terri scantly dressed during her competition and then posting Kyron's photo in a three way split on the TV screen.

Never once did I ever hear, WOW, Terri really accomplished something, especially something as difficult to get her weight down, lifting weights and sticking to it in order to be in a body-building competition. Damn, she is over 35, and most women can't even lose 5 pounds or stick to a diet for 5 days. Nope, no "great job to Terri".

Let's go back to 2010 at the press conference and add in, she is probably depressed because she doesn't look like she did back in 2005 and probably depressed because she gained weight after having Kiara.

At some point LE decides to issues a questionnaire to the locals asking if they had seen Terri and a white pick-up truck. The picture they used of Terri was a snip of Terri at the press conference in a very distraught look. Now that was impressive photo to issue. Couldn't LE ask Kaine for a photo of his wife?

What we do know is LE picked up the white pick-up, known as Terri's but by all accounts and purposes the white pick-up Kaine normally drives, however the white pick-up is theirs.

The pickup was returned to the Horman's and so far nothing has leaked out that LE found dirt, receipts, rope, tarps, blood, scratches inside, hair, etc. We have heard the pick-up was towed again by LE, however reports have come out that there was a problem with the truck.

We have also heard through "SOURCES" that Terri's cellphone pings came from the Island near the school. Now we really have no clue where Terri's cellphone pings came from as we haven't heard anything from LE.

We do know that LE has searched the Horman's home and property and not sure what they took from the household as it appears the Horman's just let the police come in and do their own thing. There could be a search warrant, or some sort of paper trial for items seized IF items were seized at all.

What we also know is LE has never released the 911 calls especially the initial call to notify the police that Kyron was missing. We have heard there were three 911 calls, of which, one was suppose to be a threat and the other one domestic related.

The media really ran with their speculations regarding the other two 911 calls. However, weeks later we find out that the 911 phone call about the threat was the police "sting operation" utilizing the landscaper. The other 911 call had to do with the fact that Kaine had Kiara and never returned.

Getting back to the landscaper as he falls in just about here. Apparently as LE was going through some phone records or some sort of records, up pops this landscaper from 7 months ago. I am not exactly sure how LE found him, or if this Murder-For Hire Landscaper went to LE. I have a feeling LE found the landscaper.

Apparently 7 months or so ago, apparently Terri asked this landscaper to kill her husband. Not quite sure how they got on that subject. Did she say: "I am having martial problems and wish he was dead." Did the landscaper says: "I can get it done for you, if you want me too?" Maybe Terri said: "You would do that?" Maybe the landscaper said: "sure for $10,000.00." Not sure how a conversation like this would start while discussing cleaning up the backyard.

In any event, nothing happened for 7 months. Also the landscaper said NOTHING for 7 months. What kind of person could walk around for 7 months knowing someone want to pay money to kill their husband and you say nothing to the police.

The police tried to set up a sting to catch Terri and a undercover cop and this "alleged" MFH landscaper go to Terri's house and knock on the door. You have to picture that scene in your own head. First Kaine is not there because he had advanced warning about the"alleged" MFH hit-man landscaper and he took off with Kiara.

Now Terri hears a knock on the door and there stands the landscaper from 7 months ago. What did he say: "Hi remember me, I am here to collect my $10,000.00 and then I will kill your husband as we planned 7 months ago and this man with me is my helper?" WTF! Who thought of that stupid sting operation. DUH!!! Terri closes the door and calls 911 to report a threat against her.

I repeat again, I want to know if LE gave the landscaper a polygraph. I also want to know if LE did a criminal background check on the landscaper.

Now, Kaine is out of the house with Kiara running around getting a Restraining Order against Terri for the "alleged" murder for hire attempt from 7 months ago. And then while he is out, might as well file for divorce.

Note: At one point Desiree years back filed a restraining order against Kaine with regards to not taking the children. Desiree has a child from a previous marriage or relationship and the other child was Kyron.

Kaine and Kiara are staying at an undisclosed location, however word has it that he was staying at a woman's house, of which, Kaine is "allegedly" having an affair with, of which, "allegedly" works for Intel, where Kaine works. I forgot her name, but I think rumor has it, it begins with an S.

The problem is, the media wasn't following Kaine around, but focused on Terri and Terri alone. Wouldn't it have been interesting if the media camped out at the undisclosed location of Kaine and Kiara?

After the failed "sting operation" and before the serving of the RO, Terri goes to the gym looking for Kaine and Kiara. I believe Kaine and Kiara hadn't been seen by Terri for 2 days. Terri asks the clerk if Kaine was there and either wanted to be called when he shows up or if Kaine was there was Kiara in the gym's child care. Apparently according to the clerk, Terri states: "If Kiara was there Terri was going to abduct her."

Could it be that Terri went looking for her child, and if she was at the gym's daycare, she was just going to get her and bring her home? But no, let's put it out there that Terri was going to abduct her own child from a gym.

I figure that Kaine had told the gym that he was going to file an RO against Terri and that Kaine was going to put the gym as one of the places Terri was not allowed to go. Not sure you can put a public establishment on an RO, but the Judge seems to have allowed it for whatever reason. It's not that Kaine is at the gym 24/7. Perhaps they could have set aside an 8 hour time-frame where Terri was not allowed to go to the gym rather then you can't go there at all.

Now Terri has the RO and I believe the Divorce Papers. At one point the RO was unsealed but LE asked for the RO to be sealed. I am not sure of what date the RO was sealed and then sealed, but it was sealed.

I am not sure if Terri called Michael Cook, or Michael called Terri, but in any event Michael was at Terri's house after the RO was served. Again, I am not sure if the RO was sealed on June 28, 2010 or not.

However Michael was there, and Michael took pictures of the RO as Terri showed Michael the RO. Michael did do an Internet search on Kaine's temp address. It boggles my mind that Kaine's address was on the RO in the first place. Who screwed that one up? So much for being so concerned of where Kaine is living considering Kaine was in fear of his life? Hello ... here are the blinking lights where I live?

I bet that if Kaine's address was redacted from the form, there wouldn't even be an issue here. Perhaps Kaine should sue the courthouse clerk.

Within the "Order of Contempt", is all the stuff about the sexy and or graphic text messages back and forth between Terri and Michael Cook.

It appears these messages started on or after June 30, 2010. HUMMMM, isn't that after Kaine left the house with Kiara and filed for divorce? Why the heck would this stuff be in the "Order of Contempt"?

Contempt Charges:

What I find interesting in the "Motion of Contempt" is that Kaine wants to fine Terri $500.00 per day or 1% of her annual gross salary for each day the contempt continues. Terri has no JOB Kaine .... remember? There is no annual salary for Terri unless you paid her weekly for services rendered in raising the children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. etc.

When I read about the sexy/graphic text messages, I went back to ~ August 2002, while Desiree was 8 months pregnant with Kyron and Kaine was out "soaring his oats" with Terri. (Kyron was born September 12, 2002.)

Do we know who sent the first sexy message? Nope, we don't. Could Michael have said something to Terri as in, you are pretty or I love your smile and then it took off from there? Anything is possible, but we are lead to believe Terri did it all. What pictures did she send of herself? Where they pictures of her "trim and fit" body barely covered during her body building days or were they pictures of herself now? Who knows and it really doesn't matter one way or another in finding Kyron.

What's next, oh yes, let's get an addendum to the RO and force Terri out of her home, a home she has shared with Kaine since before they married in 2007. Wait, Kaine bought the home 3 months before they got married so the general public screams "it's not hers, so she should get out; Terri deserves nothing, blah, blah, blah."

Terri can't move as she has no money. No one gives a "rat's behind" she has no money to go anywhere. More then likely Kaine cleared out the checking and savings accounts while he was running around getting the RO and divorce papers in order.

Kaine mentioned something about the money at one of the pressers or sit down and chat meeting with reporters about money indicating it was standard the accounts were closed as this goes along with a divorce. OH REALLY, leave you wife with no money is the way to go.

So Terri asks for some money to move and Kaine doesn't want to give her money unless Terri tells Kaine where Kyron can be found. All that we know is something was settled in in court in order for Terri to leave. We don't ever hear about this part because it's behind close doors. All we hear about NO, you can't have it and let the media and public run with it.

Once Terri knew Kaine wanted her out, Terri was willing to leave according to her attorney, but it sure didn't look like that in the media.

Where are we know, still no Kyron, still no Suspect or POI.

Once Kaine left the house, the blended family shrunk and the bio parents became a media couple. First they only wanted to talk about the search for Kyron, however, little by little all the dirt comes out, what a mess!

We have heard different stories on how Terri and Desiree met, and if they were close friends, or not close friends, when Desiree gave Kyron to Kaine to care for him

Let's face it, if Kaine cheated on Desiree with Terri, chances are they were not close friends. However, at some point, Desiree needed medical care and she gave Kyron to his father and this seems to be when Kyron was over 2 years of age; maybe 2 1/2. Kaine was still with Terri but it is not clear if Terri and Kaine were living together. But based on just gut feeling, they probably were.

We have never heard a word from Terri, so all the information we are receiving are the feelings of Desiree and Kaine. We all know there are two sides to the story and then there is the truth. Although we will never know what is true unless we get Desiree, Kaine and Terri at a round table and a reliable reporter to ask the right questions, not the same old crap they keep asking.

Terri Horman hires criminal defense attorney. Let's emphasize CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY as we have heard it over and over again CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY. If that is not good enough, why not go on and on about not having a divorce attorney, or an attorney to handle the contempt charges. Nope, Terri has a "HIGH PROFILE" CRIMIAN DEFENSE ATTORNEY.

Now, do we know if Terri called Mr. Houser or did Mr. Houser call Terri? Nope, we don't know that one at all, but we presume Terri called Mr. Houser. How many times have criminal defense attorney call out to those accused of a crime and tell them we can help you? LOTS!!! I won't name the cases otherwise I will get off track.

How many times do criminal defense attorneys even "high profile" criminal defense attorneys take on the case "pro bona". LOTS!!!

Does the media, talk show hosts, general public, etc. look at it that way, NOPE!!

Now Terri is out of the house and living about 3 hours away at her parents home. Where is the media? Well they are camped out at Terri's parents home waiting for a second to ask Terri "Where is Kyron". The media should take the money it costs for the media to sit there and give it to LE since they are short of money to look for Kyron.

The bio parents are giving press conferences every Friday, throwing out media they don't like, then letting them back in. Then they are not giving press conferences and will only answer questions by email. Then they are back out doing press conferences, speaking with People magazine, Good Morning America, Early Show, Today Show, Night line, Dateline Special, and now heard from Oprah's producers, but haven't received any calls for a book or movie deal.

Somewhere within all this looking for Kyron, up pops DeDe Spicher, a friend of Terri's. It appears that DeDe, while working on a landscape appointment, DeDe leaves the site around 11:30 AM and doesn't return until 1:00 PM; and we have the homeowner who tries to call DeDe but DeDe didn't answer.

Now all of this is NOT coming from LE, but through SOURCES.

Now DeDe becomes in the eyes of the media, talk show hosts, general public; an Accomplice. YUPPER that quickly.

Search warrants are issued to take away stuff at DeDe Spicher's condo and we can view it all in the news. Yupper, media knocking on DeDe's door wanting to talk to her and reporting: "we know she is in there as her car is here."

Many found out about the Grand Jury hearing last Monday via an "offbeat" website where the cousin of DeDe's, posts something about his cousin and jury on Monday.

We know DeDe went to the Grand Jury and we have been told that no questions were asked of her. Now it is speculation that DeDe's lawyer may have requested that DeDe was going to take the 5th. If that is the case, then this arrangement needs to be done before she goes into the Grand Jury hearing.

Does pleading the fifth make you guilty of knowing something? Nope, not really. It could also protect you from questions that might be asked of your past history also. The way things are nowadays, your guilty by association anyway.

On July 26, 2010, Kaine filed an "order for show cause: suit money." It appears at some point while LE was looking through Terri's text messages, they see a text regarding the amount of "retainer" money paid to her "HIGH PROFILE" CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY.

Apparently the text stated: $350,000.00 retainer. Do we know if the text message had decimals and commas in the numbers or was it 350000 without decimals. We have no idea how the number was written, but it appears Kaine believes it is $350,000.00


Now who in the world has $350,000.00 to slap down as a retainer to a "High Profile" CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY when you are not even a SUSPECT OR POI?

For sure this money is not for an attorney to appear in court for the motion to have Terri leave her home, or for the upcoming Contempt Hearing. We know it's not for the divorce costs as Terri's attorney filed papers indicating Terri wants Kaine to pay for the divorce.

I am not sure if it was Kaine that mentioned this to a reporter, but it was mentioned in a media article that perhaps Terri's parents took a loan against their $175,000 home. Now did the reporter get the price of the home correct when he wrote the article or did he leave out a few zeros commas and decimal points. I sure would love to know how someone could possible take out a loan for $350,000.00 against a home valued at $175,000.00.

Everything regarding the text regarding the retainer could all be as simple as a single comma or decimal point.

Who actually failed Kyron? In my book, it is "Skyline Elementary School". The teacher marked Kyron absent on or about 10:00 AM and no one contacted the parents that Kyron was not in school. There maybe confusion about a doctor's appointment, but if Kyron was marked absent, then the parents should have been called. IF it is the standard for the school to call the parents at 10:00 AM if a child is not in school ESPECIALLY when the child normally takes the school bus, clearly "Skyline Elementary School" failed Kyron.

I see no law suits from either of the parents against the school. If this was me, I would have hired an attorney ASAP and go after the school. EVEN IF Terri took Kyron, it is still the schools responsibility to contact the parents when a child is not in class.

IF the school had called the parents at 10:00 AM, while Terri was still on the roadways, don't you think that LE would have caught up with Terri at some point? This entire case would have gone so differently.

What also bothers me is that no one called in Texas Equusearch. Sure Tim Miller has gotten a bad rap with the Anthony case, but Tim has done some great work locating missing people. For whatever reason, LE only wanted certified searchers to look for Kyron and no public people. Very, very strange.

Only July 28, 2010, Terri lawyer filed a order to "hold the divorce case in abatement." This is a complicated order. Also in this order, Terri is asking for Kaine to pay for her divorce.

In Kaine's divorce filings, Kaine indicated each party pay for their own divorce, however, IF Terri contests the divorce, then Kaine expects to be paid for his attorney fees and reasonable costs. No one ever heard the media, talk shows hosts, etc. mention Kaine's requests in the divorce should Terri contest the divorce. NOPE all we heard was Terri wants Kaine to pay for her divorce.


For now, Kaine is back at the home he shared with Terri, Kyron and Kiara, except now it is only Kaine and Kiara. Kaine is preparing Kyron's bedroom for when he returns and has changed all the locks on his home, gate and perhaps has a security system set up so Terri doesn't sneek back into the house. Kaine maybe working a little, but not back fulltime and now he his suffering financially.

Kaine has to deal with the court regarding all the suits he brought against Terri. Is he done, or will there be more? Maybe he wants the car back too!

Desiree maybe back to work or not as it is not clear. We know Desiree hasn't made up Kyron bed yet from when he last visited her weeks before Kyron went missing.

Kyron's parents finished out the week ending 7/31/10 with a Family Press Conference -

A sit down with reporters.

A interview with Nightline -

And even had a Dateline Special.


Terri has left the marital home, Kyron, her stepson is missing, her infant daughter Kiara has been taken away from her with no visitation and a RO in place. She can't get employment; is facing Contempt Charges over a piece of paper; dealing with a divorce, abatement, not sure about the RO if it is permanent. Normally there is a hearing once someone files an RO and it goes in front of the judge. We know she went to court regarding getting money to move out, but nothing more on the RO.

DeDe Spicher maybe back in front of the Grand Jury the week of August 2, 2010, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

Law Enforcement - well they have searched, and researched and researched again. Their press conferences state nothing except that: "During this investigation Terri Horman has been cooperative and there have been other times she has not. We cannot speak to specifics regarding this issue."


LE's last press conference sounded like a "financial board meeting" and a "recognition to departments".

I ask again, "What Do We Really Know About Kyron Horman's Disappearance?


Coonhound said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts here, patty.

The way this case has been handled rubs me wrong too. And I've asked myself many of the same questions you have addressed in your blog.

Best wishes to you!

Patty said...

Thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts.

Coonhound said...

I'd like to know if the "landscaper" took a lie detector test and the results. Funny how those findings weren't leaked through the bio parents.

I'm also curious about the "Dr appt". Surely authorities called kyron's dr to verify any such appt and the date and time. Perhaps there really was a June 12 appt.

Dates and times were always getting mixed up in our household! And a majority of the time it was my husband and step-son getting them confused.

I've been waiting to hear further clairification on those two issues by the bioparents or even the authorities would be nice.

Patty said...

I am with you, I would like to know if the landscaper took a poly also and surprised that Kaine didn't disclose whether this was fact or not.

It bothered me about the doctor's appointment also and Kaine's lack of knowledge if Kyron was scheduled to see the doctor. If this was me, all it would take is a simple phone call to the doctor and check to see if Kyron was schedule on June 4th or when he was scheduled.

For Kaine to put out there that he didn't know really bothered me because IF Kaine was the primary caregiver for Kyron, he should know everything about Kyron and he didn't. Heck Kaine didn't care enough to attend Kyron's school on the day of the big Science Fair.

How often does a 7 year old do a Science Project at school? ONCE, as they are only 7, and this had to be the FIRST big project for a 7 year old.

I guess I should add Desiree into the mix also because it would apply to her also; her son's first big project in school.

Coonhound said...

I feel confident in saying that it was terri that took the time and effort in helping kyron with that project, too. I'm a bit surprised that the media never asked kaine who helped kyron with the project. Why? Because I feel answers to such things would show who has "invested themselves" into the boys growth, well-being, and happiness. Those answers really mean a lot.

My step-son "strongly disliked" me many, many times as a child. He just graduated from HS. Today, he gives me credit for not being a drop out. And although he loves his mom very much, he sends me mother's day cards stating I was the only "true" mother he had as a kid. Why? Bc I was the one that always took the time with him to help, guide, encourage, discipline and so on. I may not be a bio parent, but all of me has been poured into that young man and nothing can take that from him or me.

I'm only pointing out that "blended" families are very, very complex. And it is not so easy to see through to the truth without a trained, objective professional.

I also think it is way over due that all computers and phone records of the rest of the family be investigated. The bio parents and Tony were cleard within 4 days I believe.

Patty said...

I was a step-mother once in my lifetime but the children never lived with me. I do recall though that their father didn't interact with his children during their weekly visitation. All they wanted to do was spend time with me and my son. However, I insisted that my former take his children out and spend quality time with them especially since they only saw their father once a week and NEVER on weekend weeks during the summer.

We only know that the bip parents passed their poly via their mouths however we have never heard this from LE. I recall during one of the press conferences LE indicated no one was cleared in this investigation. At that point LE could have said something with regards to the parents and step parents.

I know I would like to see Kaine's ceelphone records for the last 6 months or so to see if he was having any contact with other women. Not that this would be relevant in the case, or maybe it could.

I would like to see documentation regarding the time Kaine was at work and when he also left. Kaine might not punch in everyday, but I want to see when he arrived.

There is so much we don't know regarding this case and hopefully something will come out that makes perfect sense to me; because right now there is nothing.

Jae said...

You know what gets me? Rackner, in her complaint for contempt, admits that Terri hadn't been served with the restraining order at the time she went to the gym--so Rackner knows that Terri had a legal right to take her daughter, but Rackner uses the incendiary term "abduct." What makes this so appalling is that Rackner is implying that the court had already granted the order, it was just that Terri hadn't been served with it yet. But what really happened is that Kaine/Rackner got the restraining order BECAUSE Terri went to the gym. The RO is timestamped at 4:39 on June 28, and the Oregonian reported that Terri was served around 6 pm. the same day. But it's my impression that she was at the gym in the afternoon. So what happened is that Kaine disappeared with the baby, without telling Terri where her daughter was or even if he was coming home, and then when she went to find her, they treated it like she was trying to kidnap her--when in effect that was what Kaine had done by taking the baby without telling Terri where she was.